Art Shipping International provides complimentary consultation and estimate proposals tailored to the unique packing, crating, transport, customs clearance, delivery and installation requirements for works of art and touring exhibitions.

Packing and Crating: 

A wide range of museum and gallery quality packing and crating options are available taking into account the type of the art works, value and destination requirements.   


A variety of transportation services are available including air, ocean and ground (shuttle and exclusive).  Delivery time frames, size, weight and medium of works are factors to consider when evaluating the benefits of each option.

Exhibition and Courier Services: 

Art Shipping International works with premier institutions to manage the entire scope of touring exhibitions from the initial planning and budgeting phase through to delivery and installation.       

Customs Brokerage: 

Customs clearance regulations for artifacts vary by country and are subject to change.  Art Shipping International provides customs import/export processing, bond/merchandise/VAT, duty processing, ATA Carnet and CITES licenses.       

Security and Supervision: 

Airport security and tarmac supervision services are available to oversee the secure arrival and/or departure of high net worth works of art. 


A variety of transit insurance alternatives are available.


Unpacking and installation services are available via experienced fine art handlers.


Climate controlled, secured and bonded storage facilities are available in locations throughout the world.